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Hear God


Hearing God is never a method but how do you learn to hear the voice of God?

Tuning in to hear God and the many ways He speaks is vital as the ‘end times’ clock ticks on. We can see the great deception creeping in... people running to and fro... ‘ear ticklers’, false doctrines and cults running rampant. To hear the voice of God... how to be in His perfect will is our ultimate covering beneath the shadow of His wing!

Part of the Battlefield of the Mind is that you want to hear His voice, His direction and plans for your life.  He knows best, right?

First things first... we need to understand that the Word of God is true.  If we hit some grey areas then we need to seek God and ask Him to show us, and then be open with all of your senses to how He shows up. 

Hearing God is a relational lifestyle.  You do some talking, you do some listening.  Do your friends like to hear vain repetition from you?  You certainly don't appreciate not being listened to.  Well, you have to view your relationship with God just the same.  I'm not big on 'methods', but it's pretty clear in the scriptures that God tells us what to do:

  1. Mat 7:7-8 "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds..”  

So, lemme share a story with you...

The person that brought me to the Lord was so on fire for God.  He'd ask God every single thing... and one day he was sharing a testimony about how he asked God if he should have a snack or take a nap... and He had an impression of the answer and so he did it, & then all this drama happened later & it caused him to have to stay up all night doing homework... so because he took this nap, he was 100% physically unfazed the next day.  So he was just praising God because of something so simple... that he asked God, that he heard God, and because of that obedience, in any circumstance he was kept in perfect peace and in strength.

So how does God speak?  Can you use your imagination?  Anything of your senses, including dreams.  Things that repeat in your day...  you might not get it the first time or two, but when He keeps putting it in front of you, you have to ask yourself is this really coincidence, or is this something I need to pay attention to?

So let me elaborate the general hearing process...

Ask God FIRST. Then, after asking... the listening begins.

Pay attention to your thought-life, impressions (that ‘feeling’ about something just might be the Holy Spirit nudging you!), visions, dreams...

Then add ‘coincidences’ of any sort.... Did you look down and a magazine heading just ‘jumped of the page’, to you, and it ‘happens’ to line up with your current God-conversation?  Or how about a conversation with a person (even strangers) & they happen to say a profound statement that fits your God-dialogue as well?  What about the scriptures you are led to read? The song on the radio that you never paid attention re: the lyrics... but suddenly they are so notable?

Sometimes when I'm really not sure of something, and have been crying out... I apologize, "God, I'm sorry if I missed you, could you please say it again, say it louder... or give me the patience I need to hear You out?

I'll share an experience, and this is regarding hearing a song playing in my head over the course of a few days.  This is an example where I wasn't asking God anything, but God was telling me something.

So I'm getting this song and it's disturbing because it's saying I'm in danger and it's with someone I haven't talked to in a while.  Suddenly 3 different people show up in my life that I hadn't talked to in a while; one of them even as long as in 8 years! 

Now you know we are not to feed our pearls to swine... (Mat 7:6) but on the same token... we can screw up a whole heck of a lot if we jump the gun and don't wait on God for His full answer.  In this situation can you see there are some talents or some treasure of the kingdom to be earned here?  To what honor and length will I go in pursuing His voice? Yes, part of this is a test.  My natural man wants to ignore all three people or probe them to try and find answers by my own power. 

One of the people said "Hey I can come over sometime with my friend"... and the Lord had shown me 6 months ago that this friend is bad news.  So oh, is it this person?  The one I hadn't seen in 8 years... and have a lot of catching up to do... is it this one?

If I would allow fear to enter in, instead of patiently waiting upon His next release of information... I could really destroy some relationships here. Instead, I continued to seek Him.  I prayed for each of these people, and then when the telling circumstance came up...  I felt an impression, a  disquiet in my spirit-- the Holy Spirit rising up again... THEN, I knew exactly  which person it was and what the 'danger' was about.  I found myself so happy like my friend from so long ago that was all happy about asking God about eating or taking a nap!

Here are some other valuable nuggets on Hearing God:

  1. To Hear God, you must first hear HIM through His word.  Not only is this a breakthrough in prayer but the most important thing....  the path to an intimate relationship with Yeshua!  You must begin to work your faith by believing what the word of God says.

  2. You wouldn’t vote for someone not knowing their beliefs... you wouldn’t do something so important based on what a person looks like or how they dress... so too, it is important for you to Know who God is and what He’s about so that when He shows up, you’ll Know His character.  You’ll Know the Shepherd’s voice!  (Romans 10:17 So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.)

  3. You may come across teachings that seem right, but something ‘feel’s wrong’ about it.  Ask God, to separate the wheat from the tares.  Also pay attention to the fruit it’s bearing; ex: Does it incite ‘fear’?  If it’s not lauded by the Holy Spirit within you, it’s not the same ‘Jesus’ you are seeking communion with (Leviticus 10:3).  Remember the enemy comes in as ‘light’... he delivers a ‘half-truth’ here, one there.... pretty soon you’re falling into confusion. 

  4. The Shepherd’s voice... aligns with the Word, bears good fruit and He’s likely been telling you all along (if you ask Him a question, expect to receive the answer)... so the message would only confirm that.

  5. Examine your own thought life, realizing that thoughts come from yourself, the enemy or God.  Hearing God takes self-discipline, because we must train ourselves in the word by what aligns with the character of God and take captive our sinful flesh and/or evil thoughts planted by the enemy. (2Corinthians 10:5-6  “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.”)

  1. The more you begin to ‘hear’ from God, the less He has to ‘say’! 
    It’s like how 2 old people can be sitting on a park bench watching something and one of them says one word and the other laughs and smiles and it’s like this whole private memory they share and enjoy. HE’ll start a sentence and you’ll begin to step out and finish it as the Word becomes formed within you.  Trust does that, and when you begin to ‘know that you know’ you begin to realize that it’s not about ‘big spiritual experiences’ but it’s in the still small voice that is always there in constant communion. 
  2. Of course your relationship grows and you commune more, but He has less to ‘say’ with thundering peels and repetition (*”WHAAA DID YOU SAY?”) It’s a beautiful thing for a relationship to be fruitful and actually go somewhere...  *grin*

To be continued...

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What IS hearingGod about?

I simply want to share my spiritual growth and experiences for anyone with an ear to hear.  I have a real burden to encourage the remnant & I can only hope to put a furrow in your brow...a spring in your step and a sharp edge on your sword...

  1. Thanks to those that ‘testify’...

“Thank you for your advice! I guess I have been letting doors hang open where the devil can throw lies at me, and taunt me. I confessed to the Lord my struggle and brokeness to the Lord this morning, and I believe He really opened my eyes to the doors that are hanging open, the ones I need to close. Thanks so much for the help!”

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  2. RE:  Help in receiving the Gift of Tongues

Well I watched this video this morning, and now this afternoon I’m praying in tongues. I’ve been desiring to do this at various intensities of desire for around 15 years. I watched some of the stuff you had about baptism in the Holy Spirit last night. Your videos really cleared some stuff up. Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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Wow! During that prayer, both times I listened to it I felt the holy spirit rock me, my hand was twitching something fierce (that doesn't happen!) I still feel it burn a few mins after.

(In the Spirit...) I could see several fires bloom, the words ‘Fire Transition’ or ‘Transfer’ (it was hard to hold on to), and ‘water’. I felt life when I saw the word water. There were a number of images that were fleeting and hard to recognize. I'm sure I could pray for greater discernment.

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“THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR INFORMATION!!!..I took your word in for the kick start to begin speaking in tongues and another video. Immediately I got down on my knees and I prayed a quick prayer because I just asked for the baptism of the holy spirit and I heard you say you didn't get your gift of tongue til later so I decided to try again. I'm so happy to say I'm glad I tried again! Praise God!!! I was speaking my very own gift of tongues from God, my veryyy own. I believe!!”