Tehillah Dreams

Christian Prophetic Dream and Vision Interpretation

A site that was started by Susan Riddle, and it looks like she turned it over to members of a forum she had started as well-- so I can’t vouch for it’s current integrity, but test all things & go with what bears!  Dream symbol search is at the bottom of the page.  Susan created an invaluable

e-book that will help you learn to interpret dreams, for $5.00 u.s.d. 

Wagner-Modified Houts Questionnaire

To know what your spiritual giftings are is the first step in knowing how best to serve Him.  Sometimes it takes something really spelled out to get a person to  m-o-v-e.  I found this test very good in that I found myself shaking my head...’yes, that’s me...’  and then He promptly put me in situations so that I’d step out and walk in it.  If you’ve been programmed in a church box....or have been told  ‘you are this’ or ‘you are that’....throw it all away.  He has designed you ...and you will find your greatest fulfillment in being who HE says you are.

Smith Wigglesworth

Amazing man.  There are many compilations of his sermons/writings...The first compilation I read was called “Greater Works”, and it raised my faith level so much that I received an amazing instant healing from years of sciatica I had been suffering.  God displays His signs and wonders to direct the body for a reason, if you want to get ‘pumped up’ in the anointing...read what God had to say through Smith.

Sid Roth - It’s Supernatual! & Messianic Vision

If you want to increase your faith level to have the mindset of Matthew 10:8, I recommend subscribing to Sid’s iTunes podcast of Messianic Vision. I can’t vouch for all guests on the show... through the Holy Spirit you’ll ‘know’ what to keep vs. what to toss.

Biblical Holy Days

Times and seasons of the Lord were changed as early as 200 years A.C.  Do you know God’s appointed holy days as clearly stated in the bible (Lev. 23:4)?  Read Zechariah 14, and ask yourself if those events have taken place... and then ask yourself “Have I celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles?”   We seriously need to go back to our roots of faith and honor what God ordains as Holy.  True, Jesus is our Feast... but God’s Word does not pass away... we must go back to our roots WHILE appropriating what Jesus has done for us.

Learning to Pray the God Way

“But I pray & nothing happens!”....is this you?  Very seldom do I ever promote a method, but this is one that works.  It works simply because you make an effort to reprogram yourself from what society has fed you... you reprogram from what your aching back is telling you.  You begin to Plead the Promises of God... and that, my friend is the proper way to enter into the storehouse of God’s truth. 

The Church Without Walls International
(World Wide House Church Network)

Left ‘institutionalized church’ and don’t know what to do?  Do what’s ‘normal’!  From their site:  “We believe the practice of home based churches as depicted in the book of Acts and Paul's letters is normal Christianity.”

John Fenn’s Audio Archive.

Derek Prince Ministries

Not finding victory as a christian?   Perhaps it’s a curse!  Some curses are generational, some induced by others and some by ourselves.  Lots of free audio and transcribed teachings all over this website... here is one that is Curse Specific.

Joel’s Trumpet

The ministry of Joel Richardson discusses current events in light of Biblical prophecy. His study surrounds the biblical middle eastern worldview that completely fits the benchmarks within the scriptures.  If you’ve gotten your end-times information from ‘Western scholarship’... prepare to have your worldview turned upside-down. 

Andrew Wommack Ministries

Free teaching series from an engaging Man of God.  I’ve certainly not been able to dive in much, but the Holy Spirit leapt within me a resounding ‘Yes’ to some of his teachings on Love.  And, I must say, He’s a delight to listen to-- preaching it ‘real’ guarantees a chuckle I suppose!



Passages are links and resources that have helped

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*Please note not all ministries are supported or have even been investigated.  Methods are not ‘key’... it is most important that we consider all things, keep that which is good and seek God for instruction and growth. What is most important are the resources noted.


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