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Bible Promises Spoken Word series    
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I am... in Jesus (affirming scriptures)
End of the Gentile Church
How to Hear God
What is Spiritual Warfare?
Cleaning Up Your Act (a guide for the Bride of Christ)
Territorial Deliverance


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‘hearing God’ is all about sharing experiences, because the book of our lives can help others in uncharted territory in life.  The spiritual realm is avoided at all costs in mainstream christianity, so as God calls out the remnant, there is an abundance of forfeited inheritances that are passed out to faithful stewards. 

So where do you go?  You can’t share with others trapped in a system that condemns and avoids the spiritual dimension that you know is oh, too real.  Sometimes you just need to know that this strange spiritual world is okay and that you are Hearing from Father God.  --That He IS using you to tear down strongholds in the enemy’s camp & do have an anointing and appointing in service as King and Priest to Jesus the Messiah. 

Be encouraged...He rewards those hungry hearts that diligently seek Him...those not ashamed to dance as David danced.  We hope that ‘hearing God’ has helped you along your way and we hope that you will, in turn, cast a net out to reassure the remnant as well.

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