what IS hearingGod about?

Tuning in to hear God and the many ways He speaks is vital as the ‘end times’ clock ticks on. We can see the great deception creeping in... people running to and fro... ‘ear ticklers’, false doctrines and cults running rampant. To hear the voice of God... how to be in His perfect will is our ultimate covering beneath the shadow of His wing!

I can remember when my spiritual eyes first opened... how hungry I was... and how disappointed I was in that it seemed I had to buy some book to get deeper revelation!  Now I understand that if I press in to God’s Word, that revelation is opened to me (without a man-filter!).

So I teach and exhort on that ‘HOW’ to press in to hear Him for yourself...

I decided that anything Father God would teach me, anything Jesus would speak to me... I would multiply to reach anyone hungry for MORE.  No hurdles, no demands... no cost, no ‘following’... just put it out there for those that really want to press in to Hear God and want to walk in all the fullness that the scriptures promise... especially those ‘Greater Works’!  LET’S GO!!!

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