Bible Promises Series - Free Audible Collection


The  Promises of God bring us life, direction and hope. presents an audible, spoken word, of bible promises by topic on YouTube. Visit the entire Bible Promises Spoken Playlist, and feel free to create playlists in your areas of need and play them over and over--sinking the word of God into your spirit, while you surf the web or multi-task.

Want an iTunes version with audio-only? Subscribe to the Podcast.  * Note, this was ‘started’ but I honestly don’t have time to work on this at the current time-- my apologies.

Bless you as your mind is conforming to Christ, your faith is fed, and the Word of God is being made manifest within you. It shall not return void!

The Bible has the answer to all of your problems (NASB version):

2Timothy 2   Acceptance   Accountability   Addiction   Ambition   Anger   Belief   Business   Carnal-Flesh   Charity    Children   Christian Fellowship   Comfort Communication   Competition   Condemnation   Confidence    Contentment   Correction   Courage   Deliverance   Depression   Despair   Discernment   Discipline   Dissatisfaction   Doubt   Enemies   Envy   Eternity   Faithfulness   Failure    Family   Favor of God   Fear   Fear of Dying   Finances   Flexibility   Forgiveness  Fruitfulness   Fulfillment   God's Provision   Gossip   Grace   Grief   Guidance   Guilt  Healing   Holiness   Holy Spirit   Honesty   Hope   Hospitality   Humility   Identity   Integrity   Isaiah 41   Isaiah 61   Jealousy   Joy   Judgment   Kindness   Laziness   Leadership   Life  Loneliness   Loving God   Lust   Lying   Marital Problems   Marriage   Mercy   Money   Motivation   Obedience   Overcoming Difficulty   Patience   Peace   Persecution  Perseverance   Power   Praise   Pride   Protection   Psalm 91   Psalm 95   Psalm 103   Purpose   Rebellion   Rejection   Repentance   Rescue   Rewards   Righteousness   Salvation   Security   Sex - Sexual Sin   Shame   Sickness   Sin   Singleness   Sovereignty   Speaking God's Word   Spiritual Growth 

Spiritual Warfare   Strength   Stress   Success   Suffering   Temptation   Thankfulness   Trouble   Trust   Truth   Waiting on God   Wisdom   Work   Worry

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Why would a busy, overburdened Mom spend over a year putting up 90+ Bible Promise videos on YouTube? Because HE told her to.

I needed fed, but I just can't sit around and watch videos all day. I needed something that would target the areas I was struggling with.. I needed to hear the opposite of the enemy's rant. I needed God's Promises!

When I could only find videos with pretty music and pictures, but no spoken Word... God's still small voice said... "You do it." And so I did. But little did I know the opposition I would face, and conversely, the amazing growth I would encounter!

In all the steps involved I was reading, hearing and speaking the Word of God over and over.. it's absolutely the most valuable thing I've ever done!

What IS hearingGod about?

I simply want to share my spiritual growth and experiences for anyone with an ear to hear.  I have a real burden to encourage the remnant & I can only hope to put a furrow in your brow...a spring in your step and a sharp edge on your sword.